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Thank you for inquiring about our donation program. As part of Nestlé Waters North America's Good Neighbor Policy, we are committed to giving back to the communities in which our employees, neighbors, and our customers live and work.

Each year, we receive hundreds of water and financial donation requests. Unfortunately, we are only able to fund a small number of these worthy causes.

Typically, requests that meet our mission and geographic focus below are more likely to receive full or partial support:
  1. Mission focus: In these communities we give priority to watershed protection, water education, and disadvantaged children donation requests. We also provide water donations for emergency relief through national Red Cross and AmeriCares, and through local emergency organizations.

  2. Geographic focus: The primary geographic focus for our donations is in and around our manufacturing plant and spring source communities in California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.
Water donations:
Your application is more likely to be approved if it is submitted at least 45 days before your event. Generally, approved water donation recipients schedule to pick up water at our facilities.

Financial donations:
The majority of our financial contributions are directed to organizations with which we have a strategic partnership, such as The Nature Conservancy, Project WET, Red Cross, and AmeriCares, and are focused around our goals of water education, watershed protection and disaster relief.

If you would like to suggest a strategic partnership addressing these goals, please include in your application information on your group's mission and geographic focus, recent activities/accomplishments, and a description of your proposed partnership opportunity.

Application Process:
This website will allow you to share your community opportunity with us in an effective manner. Once you have submitted your information, our staff will review your application and determine if we will be able to support your request. We review and respond to all requests within 45 days of submission.

Thank you for contacting Nestlé Waters North America with your opportunity!

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